Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer in the city.

Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard Square. Harvard Yard. Church Street. Dunster Street. Mass. Avenue.

Summer in my eyes | On Sunday morning 100711


Photos taken by me | color thanks to integram.


Harvard Yard - Mass. Ave

The streets 

Đỉnh cao của ngày - T Ô I =))=))

Chắc người ta sẽ kỳ thị con mệ đi một mình xài camera front của iphone tạch tạch =))

(but I miss home, seriously)

(like crazy)


(just gonna get some fucking can of beer and get fuckin' drunk then get some sleep)


Dán trên tường Harvard
Đây đích thị chửi mình. Social anxiety FEAR OF SOCIAL SITUATIONS =))

Lê Restaurant
Phở tái rất ngon. Quán đông :X

But the most precious thing, I have been able to speak Vietnamese with Vietnamese people :) You never know how joyful it is to me.

It's something from the very deep of your heart.

Dunkin Donuts.

( I miss my cousin's Heineken. He usually gives it to me, with food.)

(Fuck my emotional =_=)


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